viernes, 16 de diciembre de 2011

Baby mine

"Baby mine" New vector illustration.
The sketch started as a woman holding a gift box, i had the idea of doing something sexy... but suddenly I realized the woman looked like a mommy holding her little baby, so I decided to change all the concept :)

jueves, 8 de diciembre de 2011

I see the light

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, from Disney's movie "Tangled". My favorite animation movie and my favorite princess of all time!

Vector illustration and some textures.

Las dos lunas

So this is a project I feel very proud!
One of my friends ask me to illustrate a story, the story is about a bear and a butterfly who meet each other. The dream of the butterfly was to reach the moon and every night she try, but she failed, the bear fell in love with the butterfly and try to help her, so he discover that she can be really close to the moon with the reflection of the water... anyway the story was meant for a marriage proposal, yes!! my friend (the bear) ask her girlfriend (the butterfly) to marry him!!! and... of course she said YES!!!

How many wonders...

Ariel from Disney's movie "The little mermaid"
vector illustration

Couple at the park

Two lovers at the park playing with their hands, while two cute little birds watch them.